Improve Geological &
Mine Plan Certainty.

Optimise mine operations &
improve ore recovery.


Plotlogic delivers highly accurate ore characteristics in real time, enabling greater recovery, reducing waste and enhancing the geological model.

Plotlogic couple’s machine with hyperspectral imaging technology to deliver highly accurate, real time ore characterisation – before you mine, not hours or days later.

  • Identify highly accurate ore characteristics
  • Improve ore recovery, and reduce dilution
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Integrates with existing workflows

Case Studies

Coal mine in Australia

Challenge: Defining coal versus waste zones in the coal seam
Solution: OreSense® LV

  • The mine now has confidence that the boundaries that they are mining to are accurate, and no good quality coal is being thrown onto waste dumps
  • The mine is able to make a measurable difference to lowering their cost per saleable tonne, and increase their mine’s saleable tonnes.
  • At the same time the mine production supervisor has more confidence that they can deliver their daily production targets, consistently.

Iron Ore Operation, in the Pilbara, Western Australia

Cut-off grade mapping
OreSense LV

  • This means that the mine can maximise the recovery of its’ mineable reserves, while simultaneously reducing process variance.
  • This results in a lower cost per saleable tonne for the operation and also means that the mine geologists can focus on strategic opportunities for the mine.

Open cut gold mine in Australia

Define the location of high mineralisation
OreSense LV


  • The mine planners can create the short-term production schedule, with confidence, knowing that high grade ore will make to the plant every time, providing a critical material flow for plant optimisation.
  • At the same time the mine manager has confidence that no high-grade ore is being misallocated to waste dumps.
  • Overall, mine can reduce process variance, increase compliance to plan, and reduce their cash costs per ounce.